• thrags 10w

    My first poem. #Honest #harsh #apathy

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    How come people only want to miss you,
    after you're gone?
    As if life isn't precious...
    How can some be so malicious?
    We live in an era of self pity followed by a sense haunting remorse.
    Like caring for one another is nothing more than a few daunting chores...
    To caught up in ourself,
    forgetting about everyone else...
    Quick to put those we "love" straight to the back of the shelf;

    Why is it we never step to the plate,
    Maybe we need to analyze how we feel,
    before it's far too late..

    Instead they're putting on a mask,
    like its just another face..
    Not knowing one another,
    is this an abyss or a typical masquerade?
    Feeling lost in a nightmare,
    am I alive,
    am I awake?

    Why are all these people pretending we aren't the ones all along,
    who have been acting fake.