• ishita__bharti 10w

    Untold Sacrifices

    We often take things for granted
    Not that we all were stifled
    Sometimes we go blind
    Acting to be so kind
    We humans are synonymous of murderers
    Killing things cause we still don't know we're the suckers
    I see the pale blue water
    Turning to shades of the darker
    Rivers don't drink their water is that their mistake,
    Or are we just brooding over the fake
    Cause we often tend to forget
    We will always be under dept
    I see beautiful trees
    Falling down in frees
    They take away our carbon dioxide is that what we forgot
    Or they give us oxygen without which we could have draught
    Taking them for granted ?
    Don't worry humans we'll soon be haunted
    We got them free so we ignore the price
    No we're not playing with the dices
    We need to grow up and understand the crisis
    Of the untold Sacrifices