• beneranda 9w

    My dearest beloved,

    It's been years since the last time I've truly fallen for someone. Someone out of my realm. Someone whom I've never even thought of falling for, aside from the portrayals made by humans on screen, an actor one might say to be exact. But you my darling, was the one that came unexpectedly out of nowhere and landed here right inside the deep core my heart. Though ours wasn't an instant love affair, maybe not for me. But you on the other hand, will fight with me on this one. Because if I recall, you tried your best to get my attention on our first meeting, while I on the other hand tried my best to focus on one thing rather than allowing it to be distracted by the other, especially something that has been one of the reasons for many of my shortcomings. Days and nights passed by, when finally we both have the courage to talk to one another and the moment you did, I must tell you this I could feel some things which are genuine which I've never felt before. Our conversations turned to hangouts which later eventually turned to you professing your love for me that one faithful day. The day I'll never forget. The day I've always hoped for and dreamed off for most parts of my life. The day you told me you love me. You, my darling was worth the wait. The darkness I've endured for the past few years, the one that I thought would haunt me for the rest of my life,you've taken it away within the blink of an eye. Your smile, your ever glowing smile has replaced most of my gloomy nights. Your chivalrous nature have made me believe in the kind of love my Parents had not long ago when they were young like us, once again. Not to forget your tall stature make me feel not scared but protected under your arms instead. Your willingness to do every little thing that a girl wished and dreamed for in her lover, makes me feel not only proud but most importantly blessed to have finally found someone like you.The way you respect and treat your mother makes me want to know her and know her son better through her eyes.You, my darling are a glorious representation of Rome's ruins, of how it is always been the ruins that makes it stand out. You, my darling are the opposite of all those that I've met before. You make me want to do better each day.