• sheerinn 5w

    Love a lover ♥
    Not a pretender

    Don't let the word time fool you⏰
    It's just a goddamn digit,as some are just cruel
    What's the use?when you gave them your all!
    & you got nothing,while you hoped that they'd catch you when you fall
    Instead of being loved & getting the same efforts
    some people can just find our flaws ✨
    Loved someone immensely
    Ignored the flaws,swallowed all my pride & ego
    Trusted my gut,still made my heartbreak as he'd go❗
    Was a fool for a cruel who'd think he's cool
    No dude,just a manipulator!who plays emotions like a tool
    Love a lover,not a pretender♥
    Above all,be kind & tender✨