• soubia 7w

    To all the people who call me selfish for the rare times I think about my own interest,

    I am the kind of person that cares too much and gives too much and so gets disappointed too much.. No matter how much I'm breaking apart with every single breath, I have never denied love and affection to anyone who came seeking for it...I have welcomed people with open arms and given them love and warmth and protection even when I had barely any for myself but even people like me need to heal.

    ..it is important for people to understand that even people like me have a breaking point...there's only so much we can take... just because we do not tell you doesn't mean life is all rainbows and lollipops for us...

    There are times I need to stay away from the toxicity to heal..to not break apart with every single breath..to try and live one Breath at a time...

    I do not blame you for thinking I am selfish because somewhere deep down I am...I try to heal people because I feel I can heal myself in the process but sometimes the healing takes away all of myself and I am left with nothing but an empty body devoid of feelings and emotions.. it makes doing even the slightest things difficult like cooking my favourite dish, penning a few lines or even buying a plant for myself ..

    But there are times I need to go back into my shell to heal and not give up on life...

    Please understand that it is as important for me to heal my mental health as it is to heal someone else

    With love,