• muhammadsmith93 35w

    I know where is your action brings us to.
    But love is not just one sided effort and sacrifice.
    If you don't put an effort to love each other as much as i do.
    If you don't protect each other as much as i do.
    If you don't worship this love and giving everything you've got to bring happiness each other.
    If you dare to leave
    If you dare to betray
    If you dare to lie
    If you dare to hurt purposively
    You don't deserve anything.
    You don't deserve any sacrifice.
    You don't deserve all this effort.
    You don't deserve all the faithfulness.
    You don't deserve all the trust.
    You don't derserve the pure love I have.

    Because my kind of love require madness,
    It takes insane loyality,
    It takes insane jealousy,
    It takes endless love,
    It takes no limit,
    It takes your very best,
    There is no room for someone who don't take this love seriously.

    Its a one way,
    You come and be the part of immortality.


    You leave and be forgotten.

    The choice is yours as you have the throne.