• jswhyte 10w


    When the day breaks
    The dawn will be ousted out of power
    The dew of the morning shall dry the land
    But the kingdom of the noon shall prevail.

    The beasts will hide from his booming brightness
    He shall stand as the son of the sun
    But the dusk will wrest power from him
    And the kingdom of darkness will shine as light.

    Unfortunately, the night will be afraid of the dark
    And he will call the moon to aid his cause
    For the cold heat of his era will haunt his sleep.

    Little by little, line by line
    The day that was broke will stand healthy
    The day that was broke will soon be wealthy
    He shall smear his fortress on the mountains of the air.

    But you know what?
    The day is careless
    He will break again
    And the rivalry will continue.