• chasetheroad 6w

    To the girl with violet in her lips
    And summer green eyes
    You showed me how a flower wilts
    Lack of water excess of lies

    To the girl with music in her step
    Intoxication in her breath
    You showed me things I didn’t know
    The thorns and poison in a rose

    To the girl who found me in hiding
    Who filled my heart with hope again
    You showed me what wildfires do
    Where I burn and where I mend

    To the girl with words of woven lace
    And freedom running through her hair
    You showed me who I used to be
    You taught me that there’s light in there

    And the girl with wandering ocean eyes
    Who plays theatrics and disguise
    Who’s learned from liars and from lies
    You showed me teachers never die
    You showed me how to see the sky