• ronvdm777 6w

    1,000,000 Souls

    I met the devil at life’s crossroads
    With the darkness at his side
    Some say I made a foolish promise
    Because of my foolish pride.
    Then the darkness joined with me
    As I walked down that dirt road
    It turned and told me with a laugh
    It was my soul that I’d just sold.
    So I laughed back at the darkness
    As it wrapped itself around me
    I told it I’d have given a million souls
    If it took that to set you free.
    You see my soul would be of no value
    if my sweet angel was taken from me
    So damn right I sold my soul for her
    And I don’t give a shit if you disagree.
    I sometimes think of the hell I’ll face
    Then I think of my loving wife
    The cancer has stopped eating her
    Because my love has saved her life.
    Dec 2019