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    in a situation,
    there are three faces to consider.

    the opinions of the person who tells you about the other; the opinions of the person who got told by the person who told you about the person; and the truth – the reality.

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    truths and lies and how to identify them properly

    to live between a lie within a lie,
    you will have to lie.
    a lie makes another lie whole,
    but a lie doesn't make another lie any truer than the truth.

    when you tell a lie,
    against another lie,
    both will fall
    as when a lie finds out that another lie was actually a lie all along,
    it becomes the truth in irony.

    when you tell a truth,
    that is too good to be a lie,
    and when you tell a lie,
    that is too unconvincing to be a truth,
    you'll end up with the same results:

    gain trust, or lose trust.
    no in between.
    this is how truths and lies work.

    you discover the truth amongst lies,
    and you make lies out of truth.
    truths and lies are no different from each other, except one faces the merry-go-round of a reality, and the other spins it around only to realise it'll always stop at the same starting point.

    truths and lies,
    how odd they are.
    both claims to be right,
    when both could be conjured
    out of thin air.

    one thing is for sure,
    never believe a lie and never trust the truth. things are often not as it seems to be, as even the "truth" cannot be fully pure in the inside. it's just more purer than lies.