• thephenomenal 10w

    Such an hard way to bid a farewell

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    I keep chasing the star
    I want to see the formation of the galaxy
    Maybe to sight the north
    But all this is less than my case

    You never stop snicking into my dreams
    Am sure not from my eyebrow
    Or from the breathless elbow room
    I guess I need to trace the traceless

    I suffered from going soft
    Love is synonymous to Gameloft
    I absorb chord from her melanin
    Her skin absorb as her teeth sparks

    Though, loveless life is a ruthless one
    I saw mine and my problems become toothless
    We both played with no cheat
    We solve all the puzzle in Gameloft

    How do we befog the doom
    That destiny became a puzzler
    Illness was the handler
    I thought bucks is a universal cop

    Just a sad manner to bid adieu
    The beloved was six feet lower
    I miss succulent forehead kiss
    No high five but low sand