• ablaze_writer 9w

    I Sat there seeing the sight
    With so much delight
    That I almost forgot the pain
    In my wrenching heart
    It was so peaceful and serene
    That I wondered why
    People crave for light
    And don't appreciate the night
    The darkness keeps all my secrets uptight
    yet why people strive for the light
    Don't they see the serene delicacy
    Of moonlight
    Which has power to heal any wound on their
    Crotching feelings and might
    Oh how I wonder
    If I can find anyone to share the same pride
    To know that darkness is really bright
    If it was absent who will really give the importance to the light
    And if I can find none then it's also fine
    Cause I have the night
    Which will keep my soul worm and right.
    Vaishnavi Tiwari

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