• chreezy 9w

    Alone with my thoughts

    I'm alone with my thoughts
    and the thoughts try to help
    but can two worlds be hooked close together with a rope?
    If it were possible, you'd hear the way my heart beats every night;
    You'd hear it call your name repeatedly
    like it would break down if it doesn't.
    You'd put your lips to mine and see if they weren't always meant to dance together.
    You'd glue your body to mine and watch our sweats boil down our desires to pleasure.
    You'd look beside you and I'd be there smiling the answers to your questions.
    But we are worlds apart and I only have these thoughts to keep me warm.
    It is cruelly sweet.
    It is excitingly draining.
    Most of all, it's my only passage to you,
    So each night,
    I have to be alone with my thoughts.