• depressingthings 5w

    Please, I beg

    Tik Tok
    It's 12
    Tik Tok
    It's 1
    Tik Tok
    It's 2
    Why can't I fall asleep?
    Why can't my demons leave me alone for one night
    As the clock strikes three I jump out of bed and run outside
    I run as fast as I can until I no longer see this building
    As I'm running a look up the star that lights up the sky when the sun is not showing

    Oh moon don't you know you guide me away for my troubles each night?
    Don't you know that each night you guide me to a different place?
    But each night you lead me back

    Tik Tok
    It's 5
    And I'm back on the path that just two hours ago I ran away from
    And no matter how many times I turn around and run, sprint
    No matter how many times I scream, yell, hollow, cry for you to lead me away from this road I always end up in the same place I so desperately where she get away from the bed that I despise so much
    You don't
    Why do you betray me like this?

    Tik Tok
    Ring ring ring
    It's 6:00
    And I know you are no longer there
    And I have to wake up and face my nightmares my fears my worries and face the Troubles of today
    Oh moon
    Come back and
    Lead Me Away