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    When she bleeds❤️

    What can you do as a friend✨
    Try to comfort her in every possible way. Bring her chocolates, give her surprises, handle her mood swings, keep her calm, hug her tightly so that she can forget about her pain. Spend each and every minute with her so she can get a sense of relief of having somebody beside her in the most difficult time. You can make her smile by fulfilling her every wishes. Just never let her feel alone and always accompany her and protect her as a friend.

    What you can do as a brother✨
    It’s difficult for most of the girl to share this thing with their brother but believe me they can support you and understand you better when you’re in pain or trouble. They know where your happiness lies and they’ll do all the things you like. No matter how much you fight or argue but in these small moment a brother can be your best partner. A brother won’t let her sister cry in pain and feel ashamed. He’ll do whatever it takes to make your day. He’ll take care of your and protect you from everything which makes you feel sad or depressed. A brother knows her responsibility towards her sister so he’ll always try to make you feel special.

    What can you do as an human being✨
    It’s not her fault that she bleeds. If you can’t help her then at least don’t make her feel bad and laugh on her. As an human being the best thing you can do is respect her and protect her to face everything and everybody with a smile on her face and confidence in her body. Defend her from the people who mock her or make fun of her. Stand beside her so she won’t feel alone. Your little kindness will give her lots of strength and mental support. Be a man with a wise heart rather then being a jerk.

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    Whe she bleeds❤️

    “Read the caption”