• oxyedition 6w

    The Sacred Tomb

    Since then...
    I have been in here
    Engulfed by these walls
    No light ,no oxygen...
    No nothing ,food so limited

    I have learnt
    The hard way
    To live without you...
    You my... beloved family
    My folks,my colleagues

    But all in endeavours
    I pray for you
    That you will have
    A better life than mine

    You will have peace
    And you will prosper
    You will find love
    And you will secure power
    Entirely...things I never had

    Everytime the gates open...
    I'm always ready
    Ready to leave this cube
    Ready to disown loneliness
    Ready to have the ice on my mid-scalp
    Maybe life will be sweeter
    After I take the niddle!

    I wish you peace
    I wish you love