• thewritingbunny 5w

    Random Thoughts #25

    And I Wish I Was Different

    Cause that's what mirrors show me you see..
    A Broken Heart, A Messed Up Mind, A Forgettable Face.. A Replaceable Person.. I donno.. I might have missed something out.. but that's it for the moment..

    It's annoying actually.. standing in the crowds.. feeling like ghost.. people just walk through you.. maybe they feel a chill.. and trying to change things doesn't really change much sometimes.. I wish it did.. but it doesn't..

    There's a long 'I Wish' list you see.. I wanna hold you when you are walking away.. I wanted to be there when you needed.. I wish I didn't let you break.. I wished you smiled when you remember.. I wish I was relevant.. I wish I.. I wasn't forgettable.. Replaceable.. I wish.. I wasn't me.. I Wish I Was Different..