• grace19snow88 23w


    Replaced my pain and rage for a little something strange that alters the brain
    Took away the crying days in exchange for riding high waves, but we all know it can't stay this way
    Someone was mistaken when they assumed these wounds would heal and go away
    Now forsaken, arms left bruised, room spinning from what I consume...
    I forgot how to feel... that's not ok.... so they say... now I welcome pain
    You can't save one who has no fear of dying and you can't save them from their very own self
    The one I needed couldn't stay. Death had to interfere, leaving me a slave to Destruction
    Together they formed a bond, killing any chance of redemption, allowing poison seep through my veins
    No reasoning with one who has fallen so steep, even gave my permission... it's like trying to catch a moving train
    Allow me to go astray and believe when I say, it's better off this way