• thisgoldfishbowlgetzold 5w

    Mad world fill with actors
     with mask on display
    Continents  fill with  a countenance
    Wrap in a maze

    Last of these days

    Is something  we just can't get away from
    So we run till the Sun come and play dumb

    Playing hot potato with these Macs and grenades

    One for the kill

    Tossing steel

    To the back of those waves

    2 for the real

    Who scrap till they're  scrape

    3 for the phoney homies

    Who just shoveling  ur grave

    And 4 for ur foes

    Who at least look u eye to eye with their hate

    See me like e.t outta this world out in that space

    Extraterrestrial  flow spitting comets on the page

    With a heart of a saint

    Mind that is raped

    Bombing  like Hussein

    Hoping yall can take this knowledge  in ur brain

    The bullied become bullies

    The bullies become a home for bullied bullets

    Is the circle  of life (simba) symbolical  it's the headache  of the SCARface it's nothing new it's

    The same old led shower music

    Putting a red dot in ur face