• __aditi__ 22w

    So In Love

    We were so young, when we held hands
    So young, that we preferred to just be friends
    I remember, holding your hand
    Tighter everytime, we watched the sun crawling to its end.

    We were so young, (so young, baby)
    When we sat at the edge of the terrace of your home
    Talking and laughing
    And talking about everything but love.

    Because that's what happened
    We were so young baby,
    That we didn't wanna comprehend
    Because, we were in love ( so in love)
    But we preferred to just be friends.

    You told me, what I spilled out
    After, the hangover and I was shy
    You told me, you loved me (you loved me)
    And would love me till you die

    We were so young, baby ( so young)
    That growing up, with you is a story
    We read everyday now.
    I whisper that I love you, in the morning
    And in the night, you say it, while I moan.

    We were so young, (so young)
    When love happened,
    But we , we grew up together (together)
    And love happens still.

    Young kids in love, don't last, they say. (don't last)
    We were so young, baby (so young)
    We kiss , and kiss again
    But we still, are so in love, we say.