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    Warrior's lost battel

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    warrior's lost battel

    Again on the way to battel ground preparing his mind to win the battel as always his dad by shoulder kept supporting him. As usual his dad told him "never be afraid of the fights never run from them, just hold on tight we are going to finish it as always with a win". So warrior sprits up his soul and prepares his mind to pull out a win again. But this didnt look the same was much tougher than always even with dad by his side . At last, they have reached the battel ground but it wasnt expected, no enemies in the battel ground was just a craved hole in a ground .....
    Warrior and his soldiers lowerd the chamber of his dad. he realished his dad wasnt by his shoulder, he was on his shoulder. Warrior started shedding tears all solders looked at him and learned.