• dandelian_whisks 9w

    If dark is enemy of light,wants to kill his life then
    What the hell dark is?Why its not ripped apart?Why there is battle between gid and human.Are we not child God but of an evil?
    But we are getting chance to change our fate in the capsule of time and world?
    Why am i born?What is the reason of my extant?
    Because evil seeks chance to exist!

    The purpose is only my position in this earth.
    While after death,i am still alive in a form of energy,i will still exist till not return to source
    Then after death who am i?
    What is the real me beyond the name of earth? Cause' death is not death after going through it we remain alive!
    If source is full,abundant,happy then
    Why did source has created us?
    They say we are part of the universe then too much to explore is left.
    Why is this universe?

    The eternal truth is still hidden?
    What is that eternal truth of life force?
    Are we different that's why we need a Destiny?
    Does there is no light beyond infinite?
    We can't count infinite but who is that infinite, can't he?

    Why do we need to separate from source to have an experience when source is ideal?