• devenpoudel 6w


    India has come a long way from the time we called ourselves SONE KI CHIDIYA to the times we were made mere spectators in our own country under the Colonial Rule to all the sacrifices made by our supreme freedom fighters to us all finally getting Independence.

    But are we Independent enough? Have the roots of corruption and favourism been completely eliminated? Are women not afraid to dress the way they want and move out freely on anytime of the day? Do we have a just and equity oriented society in our country? Are communal violences things of the past?

    I guess NOT.

    But, am I proud of myself representing the Independent India that we belong to?

    Wholeheartedly, I AM.

    I am proud of the socio- economic development that's taking place, the technological advancements like the Space missions of Mangalyaan and Chandrayaan and the Digitization of the Indian Economy, the peaceful co-existence of the diverse group of people irrespective of caste, creed, color or religion, the talented minds who have made us all proud all around the world.

    We aren't perfect yet. And none of the country is. But, are we on the path to become perfect?

    Oh, YES. We are.

    We are slowly but steadily moving towards independence from all these issues. We, being together, respecting the rich social and cultural diversity in the country and respecting all people irrespective of differences in characters, can move forward to the path of complete independence.

    The day is not far when we will be more proud to represent this colourful land of ours when we will get rid of all these issues surrounding us currently.

    I am indeed proud to represent this VIBRANT DEMOCRACY.

    JAI HIND !!!