• her_word_stories 10w


    Once again I see the child,
    As Stubborn as any could be,
    Sleeping like a baby.
    When pain tumbles down your body,
    And aches in agony,
    Once again I see the Child,
    In your firm loose Anatomy.

    Your shivery hands look for me,
    To hold you firmly,
    Before you put those tiny steps,
    You voice for eternity,
    The impatiently taken patient moves,
    That helplessness that grooves,
    But trust still pertains in your eyes,
    And then you look at me like a child

    Mother see I stand here,
    The early time has returned,
    Its that time of life again,
    Me and you in the same chain,
    The only difference is me is you,
    And you are me,
    To your childhood,
    I will agree,
    I will be your hope and courage,
    To play with you and your steerage
    Here are I am,
    To be a child again..