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    Does Love exist or is it just a desire brought about by the feeling of want?
    //Love exists, betwixt every relationship you failed to understand. It's not a desire, it's the exact reason behind your existence.//
    Is Love a feeling or just an illusion that comes to life and then comes to a scant?
    //Love is a feeling which is ineffable. Maybe that's why we are messing up love with some dictionaries of the earthly languages. Love is never an illusion, the idea of love which we have been taking with us, is.//
    Are we subjects to love for the chemistry that comes to form a bond that may burst?
    //Our bond never bursts, and being in love is never about chemistry. It's about how important the person is for you, even after years of distance.//
    And is Love a part of the story in the future books of history as a past?
    //Love is a story, which lives forever. It's a story which could never be put into a book because tales of love never end.//
    Is Love a spell that was to be part of the beings upon which are cast?
    //Love is not a spell that can be cast over someone. It's the most unexpected feeling you will ever endure.//
    Does Love really exist?
    //Yes, love exists behind everything you do. Behind every broken soul and every happy face. Love exists and will exist forever.//

    Yes I was left torn into pieces
    With whom i thought I was at peace,
    Being afraid of a new dawn
    'Coz as u left it let me down. 
    But I'm glad it was so as it is
    I told you I'd move on,
    Its too late I've moved on.

    The moments we shared had passed 
    Well, now all is burried with the past.
    As I was afraid down to cast
    Suddenly all is gone at last.
    Hard as I tried to grasp
    All in vain was left to gasp.
    I told you I'd move on
    Its too late I've moved on. 

    The thought of it being a blessing
    To you all this seeming like a setting.
    For it to change by the moment
    Well, for u it worked so potent,
    But for you its too late. 
    I told you I'd move on
    Its too late I've moved on.

    //And maybe I too failed in love. Maybe love is so rare to find, you would eventually give up the search. Maybe love, sometimes, can hide so deep inside you, you forget that it ever was a part of you. Maybe, love was never a thing we could ever imagine, because love is beyond imagination. And sometimes love can include heartbreaks and pain too, just as it included the bliss and utopia.//
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    The lines between the double slashes are mine.
    @pj_animation holds the other part.

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