• aashigarg 6w

    Dead woman

    The hand went down her chest
    Th smile widened
    The bruise, blemish and swellings glowed
    She was awfully abducted.

    Her clothes were pulled out
    She was absorbed by darkness
    As the fingers came upon her face
    Tears flashing out over the face and blood over the sheet.

    Her body inhaled the air
    The air inhaled the pleasure
    Her bare body was handled by a man
    A man of illegitimate morals.

    She struggled to live
    Despite of assault,
    Despite of torture.

    Time went by
    She was still alive.
    Her body was till then marked by abrasion.

    The night glowed
    And then there was the final offence.
    She fought.
    She wrestled.
    She stopped.

    The night withered
    And their laid dead woman alive.