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    Good luck Scions❤️

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    Good luck Athletes!

    Teamwork is the sister of victory
    The ball is round and the court is flat,
    Fly high with your hands waving
    Show the spirit, just remember that.
    Uplift what's supposed to be uplifted
    Run down the hill and chase your goal,
    That in every point you'll be rewarded
    That the value of bronze is the value of gold.
    Cheer up and stroll along the field
    For many are watching with judgement,
    Praise Him, for you get the chance to play
    And at dusk, you'll be able to reflect.
    Seek enjoyment and not the spot
    Good luck as you'll hold thy sacred name,
    If losing is what you'll face,
    Then smile, there's no one to blame.

    One point at a time!