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    When the big things bring you down
    Let the little things bring you up
    God is in control

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    Could you Ever See The Truth in Between the lies

    Can you read these pages
    Would you ever try to see
    Humanity would
    say anything They can find
    Build anything they could try
    To deny
    The light that guides them
    In a place where fire is rejected as disease
    Would you ever ponder
    Why the sicker one does get the more that they desire
    The ones who have the most
    Give only to those who follow suite in toasts , to the words they say as fact and the cities they build as absolute
    Yet in these monumental feats
    These hollow facts they state
    Take the fire from your bones
    Do you ever wonder as you read
    If there's another way to perceive these words
    Could I ever tell you that without jealousy there is no love , for without anger towards a murderer a lover could never truly miss her
    How could one ever explain to madness
    That chastising a child is the love of a tree you never wish to wither
    And yet the children Peirce the sides of there father , simply because they could never see his face
    For most all they sought was to take his place .