• __shivaniii 6w

    Let me know!

    I want someone to be with me,
    But it's only me.
    I want someone to hear me,
    But I find only me.

    Can anybody hear me?
    Do someone care for me?
    Do anyone even know,
    I exist in this great world!

    There are many things around me,
    Can anyone help me know?
    What's right n what's wrong?
    And help me out!

    The one who cared for me,
    Is no more there for me.
    The one who helped me know who I am,
    Have left me all alone.

    Can anyone understand me?
    Can anyone feel me?
    Can anyone care for me?
    And can anyone know the pain behind my smile?

    I had a face mask,
    Now it's gone!
    Can anyone help me?
    To know the gain!

    I am sad here all alone,
    No idea what to do more.
    Kindly lemme know,
    If I have you!

    ©__shreyanshi sundaram