• medusas_child 5w

    Barefoot in the Rain

    Can you see the stigma in my face.
    The warts and blisters on my feet.
    Do you know how I got in this place?
    I've lived and done it all and I'm only thirteen.
    I am a news headline,
    I am one third in a growing epidemic.
    Now you know why the walls cry.
    Branded with imprints of my battered fists.
    Now you know why my loved ones hide.
    I am a child in crisis,
    I reject the help that's given to me.
    I hurt myself because you see something ugly.
    If I don't tell, you won't have to listen.
    Verbal threats, I just can't stop it.
    Medication is only a temporary fix.
    I'll run away cause a scene and get into some criminal mischief.
    I am a challenge by default.
    Just because my name is in the system.
    Doesn't mean it's my fault.
    I walk as if I'm lost.
    I'm stuck, my life on pause.
    Society judging my damaged outlook.
    I am not just misunderstood,
    I go where the rain takes me.
    I laugh because deep down it's all a fantasy.
    Barefoot I am,
    I lost my shoes in a world called reality.