• divyanshu__goyal_ 10w

    for years we’ve stared at our reflection.
    in the exceptional mirror of society.
    what makes it different than the mirror in your room?
    the mirror in your room doesn’t control you.
    it doesn’t examine you
    it doesn’t pass judgment.
    it doesn’t ridicule you.
    it doesn’t abuse you.
    it doesn’t label you.

    the society does.
    the most harm it does is:
    it expects
    asymmetrical face, bright eyes, lustrous hair, clear and fair skin.

    infuriating, isn’t it?
    being confined in a box of beauty standards.

    let’s close our eyes for a moment.
    and imagine
    a pebble hurled at the mirror.
    flinch with the shattering of the glass.

    it's over
    beauty standards, lay shattered in the shards of glass.
    jealousy stemming merely from looks, uprooted.
    racial discrimination meets the same fate.

    however, there's hope
    through the shards of glass
    we rise.
    we build a new society.
    we look beyond our faces,
    we allow our souls to shine through in the new reflection.

    ‘if humans had similar faces,
    if our eyes could see souls, how different would our ideals of beauty be?’