• verygrey 5w


    His speech is articulately filled with substance,
    with a certain rhythm to it.
    Rooted, but he flows.
    I love how he engages me with intelligent conversations
    How we can talk about literary anything and everything hours on end.

    The work of his hands totally stimulates my senses just as much.
    The man with the Midas touch!,
    his grip says much without him saying a word.
    He crafts with precision and gentleness .
    He aims for depth and meaning in his mission.
    you can tell he is in touch with his spirituality and is emotionally available.

    He sings his heart out too
    He is subtle in his message and tones but i get him , i do .
    Hes got a husky voice ,a jazzy feel, that mature sound for the grown
    His versatile tho , infact i love everthing he churns,
    I love his taste.

    He is Raw, passionate
    You can feel him in your soul

    He is creativity, he is skill,
    He ignites my senses.

    Hes depth and he is light
    He engages my elements

    He is Art.