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    Settled down with settle!

    2017 is ending, all of us eagerly waiting to welcome 2018 with loads of resolutions and prayers. Clock ticking is being noticed, time is now awaited patiently. I'm here, sitting on my bed as usual with my cup of coffee thinking about how fair 2017 has been to me. When I brushed across all the important days and moments a question arised in my mind asking it to my heart. The word "Settle".

    This was my word of the year. I'm confused if i should try analyzing what the word is or try implementing it in my life? Yet again, I'm bothered about this word now rather than my world. This is one word every people in 20's and early 30's think about. So common and so are its answers.

    When I asked a few of different age groups i expected to have different answer but ended up with a cliche. Having a sound educational profile, a decent income and the capability of managing oneself and make a family.

    In detail it is - Having a name board for yourself defining one's identity.
    Wedding card having endless letters of degrees.
    Being able to play with siri in your hand.
    Not feeling difficult to travel around in your 4 wheeled machine.

    Sounds simple isn't it?

    Promising to do something for yourself once you are settled is the biggest lie of your life because we know we will never be settled. Nothing in life is enough for us no matter how many years pass by. I guess it's time for us to rethink about how we implement the word "settle" in our life.

    Travel, read, dance, take chances, inspire, get inspired, talk, understand, get things which heals your soul, do all that you like, eat all that you want, go where ever you feel to, stop worrying about how we look and how people think, help someone, keep learning. For it is all that makes upto the word "settle". Nothing but the ability to connect with one's self and being able to do all that you wish in your lifetime in my kind of settle. Hope you will find yours too!