• _ek_vichaar 5w

    She is my bestie..

    I dialed you for hundredth of time but you didn't reply.
    Not even for once.
    I was angry, disappointed & hopeless, but I was scared more than anything for your wellness.
    I hold my phone a little bit tighter called you once again "THE NUMBER YOU ARE TRYING TO REACH IS CURRENTLY BUSY".

    Am I that much addicted to you? I asked myself with tear filled eyes.
    'You are a bitchhhhh and I am stu-pid', my inner voice tried to soothe me.
    Now, you doesn't matter to me...
    I want to kill you but my own heart betrayed me by wanting to see your smiling face.
    At last, for my self respect's sake I promised myself to ignore you.
    Tears felt to ground and shattered like my tiny heart, here and there.

    Suddenly I heard "Tera Yaar hun Mai"(my phone's ringtone)

    "HELLO SWEETIE, WHERE WERE YOU, I LOVE YOU" my mouth betrayed me once again.

    "I wasn't there, Dadi were talking to someone at my phone and I love you too baby" she replied.