• ella_jenny 10w

    A knock

    A knock On my door, A mock in my face
    Almost got knocked off in the streets
    Tears down on my cheecks ,
    can barely breathe now ,
    I almost got chocked on my own choice
    How stupid my friend says
    Irresponsible my mom shouts
    You're lost my community yells
    Where am I? Who am I
    Were the only questions running my mind
    Heart beats fast, time moves faster than a flash
    As flashbacks flow in my head
    Memories of a night fully regreted
    A day of so_called fun , now i wish i could run away and never come back
    Look back twice there's a dim light
    As i get closer it gets even brighter
    I can't make any step closer ,
    Beauty radiates from east to west
    A knock in my chest,
    Hey even if i were God myself i wouldn't accord the me here such a pleasure
    But Damn , what's better than me not being God and God Being far better than I
    Spent time acting like a death not hear his knock
    My clock runs and i decide no more doubt
    I'll knock, he'll open he said so
    He's God and am no less than the dumb me
    But i'll still knock, he won't mock me