• kigero 10w

    Foolish dreams

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    Fools gold

    Money and fame can be earned material happiness is something everyone deserves allow me to explain my dream to you in the following verse

    The concept of walking, this is something that has always eluded me but is that not exactly what a dream should be? Something everyone has but so few actually achieve something that seems so close but its distance deceives.
    Like a fool chasing a pot of gold just to find that it’s fake he could not help him self because the feeling of
    excitement and the slight
    possibility of truth was far to sweet to shake, with that feeling he can justify every sacrifice he makes

    Walking is my pot of gold a journey filled with hardship and riddled with disappointment

    I wonder if I ever obtain this dream will I be able to be everything I have always wanted to be, or perhaps if I change my point of view would it change my reality?
    As I continuously chase this dream I wonder is walking everything its been made out to be?