• blupanda 30w

    False truth

    We have created a misconception of life I believe, in a one way or the other the idea that money brings happiness has engulfed humanity as a whole, whereas at a closer look you may see that in actual fact we as humans seek freedom from most of life's constraints of which majority are created by the inability to trade, thus suggesting enslavement still hinges on all our doors keeping us caged within the barriers implemented to constrain us from true freedom. In a way we all crave for true freedom and money has promised us that...

    But again what if true freedom lies elsewhere, what if the current truth was a previous lie told and sold many times that a breath of despair we bought and embraced to this living moment, For at moments I sometimes wonder of the wonderers that wondered off in search of world wonders that would quench their wonderings giving peace and meaning to the futility of it all.