• satyaswaroop 22w

    Imagine having someone come crashing in your arms, letting out little sobs. You wrap your hands around them, they cry some more. You tighten your grip and rub their back, they cry some more. You peck on their head, pat their head, give some more assuring rubs as they continue crying their heart out. You haven't uttered a word yet, and yet they know they are safe, and that they can let it all out.

    Now imagine crashing into someone's arms and digging your face in their shoulder/chest and crying. Crying your heart out, in an embrace that feels warm and safe. Getting assuring rubs and pats and pecks as you let it all out. Melting in the confines of their arms and feeling at home. A home consisting of an assuring wrap. No words uttered and yet a lot gets conveyed.

    To people who keep asking me why I am so obsessed with the concept of hugs, imagine being either of these people and you will know why. ❤