• anna_joe 5w

    This page is blank, in my mind
    These aren't words!!
    These are my unspoken misery
    But for the world
    These words are lies.
    My home is nothing of a home,
    My Family members with characteristics of

    I know nothing of these people,
    For they are strangers.
    Confused and funny right?
    It's 5 a.m. And I still cry.
    Not a single human to ask me if I'm alright!
    Wow, another days gone by.
    I used to sleep till mid noon, Wake up by 3
    I cry again, but swear I'm fine, I'll be fine!!
    Another piece of crap,
    Because i need a way out.
    It's just like what they say
    "aren't you trying to bring shame to this family!
    God your such a disgrace!!
    Why were you even born!!
    Maybe it is our bad Karma shaped like you!

    Another problem yet again,
    About the boy i told.
    I should never fall in love,
    And be happy you know!!
    Cause happiness is something I don't own!

    I shared him all my darkest secret,
    And I love him to the core!!
    And now i watch him go.
    Go away from me,
    He accuses me that I'm a mess!!
    It's the same family song!!
    Hurt I cry I don't know why,
    Broken I guess!!
    Loving someone more than your life!!
    Yeah your right im a mess!

    Okay, Ann stop it now
    Your just being overdramatic!
    It's time to change yourself first
    Your the cause of everything
    And get on with your life!
    you're jealous, and self-centered
    And your a pain!!
    I still survive after all this shame

    Sorry folks, nothing to see here
    Carry on, your life's prevention
    I apologize for this spectacle,
    I just crave attention,
    It's just my head that's messing around!!
    I'm nothing but an attention seeker and a mess!
    That is what they labeled me and I guess thats how it's supposed to be!