• saniyasain 10w

    Mother daughter wife

    Mother daughter wife
    Are not paying
    So they will play with knife
    From night to sunrise
    They are working
    All day all night

    Listening you every time
    Comforting you every night
    Still you are embarrassed
    Of her broken english everytime
    But she never complained cause
    she was holding mother's pride

    Maintaining your respect
    Your dignity Everytime
    Doesn't she deserve ,A little time
    before you
    Manage her marriage with an unknown guy
    Still she never questioned you
    Cause she was playing a daughters roll

    Working all day all night
    Still she is not working
    She is just a housewife
    Killing her dream
    Just baking cake with cream

    She wanted to pursue her dream
    But in the end she had to
    Leave everything including
    her beloved family and team

    Still they are not paying
    Still they are playing
    All day all night