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    An advice to a frnd who is not a frnd
    Hey i know we dont a lot or i can say we dont talk at all but there one thing i would like to say to u tht if u have any problem thn share to tht person actually i have a bad habit to observe everything and i have also observed u and him (ur bestfrnd) is having some sort of problem i think u should talk to him rather than telling i want some time i know u must be thinking tht if i tell him he might not understand but rather thn worrying about he might not understand think if he understand and things could go better thn before i know he is.bit immature but he is not bad from heart asking for.somethime to him u r just being sad and making him sad too rather thn overthinking about the problem just tell him tht u have this problem with him.and try rectify it i saw u were inseprable i saw the bond between u too was good i think u r not happy in hostel i know sometimes u remeber ur house parents but now u r in a new place.and u have make a bond with him i hope u understand wht i want to say i dont want to interfer but its just tht i cant see the bond which is too good and it is breaking .
    Again , an advice to a frnd who is not a frnd

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    An advice to a friend who is not a friend

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