• nitintwr 9w

    If it all happens beautiful,
    And, I am the one standing cool,
    With your desires and my dreams,
    Being the same, as it seems.
    You are with me calling
    the world it's peaceful,
    And suddenly, I do a mistake, maybe a misunderstanding,
    unfair with someone's rule,
    And your trust upon me ends,
    According to you we are no more friends,
    Your life gets on to think, that you were deceived,
    And beauty of our relationship diminishes, an unjust receive.
    And you disguise nothing happend,
    And there it all ends.
    With disparity, unwaters the seed sown,
    Ultimately I am left alone.

    Color my face with your paint,
    With the markings of Betrayor.
    Sing an insulting song to me,
    Throw stones over me.
    Injure me, hurt me,
    Thrashing your anger, and your punches over me.
    And after all this, you must hear me,
    My situation, my conditions,
    Your as well as mine confrontation,
    And when things appear to be solved,
    It's not anyone's victory,
    It's the victory between us.
    The seeds widen up, crop gets even thickened,
    And, this time no one is left alone.

    Think before you think,
    No one isn't perfect,
    Neither you nor I.
    Tell my mistakes, misunderstandings,
    or the mishappenings between us.
    Maybe things can improve,
    And good things must improve instead of ending.
    And I may be wrong but not always.
    At least come and ask,
    Asking and saying never wearies one,
    But keeping quiet may ruin many things
    And in this world, where sorry can make the things back beautiful,
    Silence would have left it alone.


    @hridaya @ayaansh

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