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    CHAPTER 3-1

    Two scandals broke out and he wondered where they just came from. Of course thanks to Aurora he had been hanging out with his old female acquaintances even though it wasn’t working out at all. Now he was seated facing his mother who seemed to be angry. He knew he was in trouble and he had to think of something fast.
    ‘Mother why are you here?’ he asked as if he wasn’t aware.
    ‘I wish I could hit you with a stick but I can’t now, can I?’
    He shook his head and looked at her.
    ‘I’m sorry, it won’t happen again.’
    ‘I hope it doesn’t because I and your father had come up with a solution.’
    ‘What solution mother?’
    ‘I don’t care how you do it but we are giving you two weeks to find yourself a wife.’
    ‘Mother isn’t that too much?’
    ‘It is and that pressure is what we all feel whenever those tabloids write something about you and those skinny women. I don’t care if you love her or not, threaten or blackmail them. Just find yourself a wife or we will be taking Jewel. She will be solely raised by me and your father,’ that was a huge threat and he knew it and so did she.
    ‘You can’t do that to me?’
    ‘Trust me I can. You have to think for your daughter too. We know you love her but she needs a mother too. Do you want that kid to never know what it is like to have one?’
    ‘Mother this is…’
    ‘And your father told me to tell you that if you don’t introduce a woman to the family in a week’s time then he would call up a board meeting to discuss your removal from your C.E.O post,’ she said.
    Now he knew how serious his parents were. He looked at his mother who was really in a serious mode.
    ‘I will find a wife, please tell that to dad,’ he said.
    ‘That’s better and in the mean time no more scandals. I wouldn’t want to be a widow simply because you can’t keep your zip closed,’ she said and he closed his eyes.
    ‘I’m sorry for disappointing you.’
    ‘I know son but remember we love you and want the best for you. Your father is waiting for me back home. We will see you when you come back home with her and in the mean time Jewel will be staying with us.’
    ‘Mother but I promised.’
    ‘I know, just see her as a bargaining chip. You need to know how serious we are,’ she said with a smile and left his office.
    How could they do this to him? These two what were they really up to?
    His younger brother called him as soon as his mother left and he wondered why he was calling all of a sudden.
    ‘Can we meet?’ Keane asked on the other said.
    ‘Let’s meet for lunch. I will head out now,’ Lucian said.
    Lucian told Victor that he will be going to the hospital for a lunch date. The driver took him there and he found his brother waiting for him. Keane was a doctor; he didn’t want to run the business like he did. He looked awesome in his coat like always.
    He took a seat and looked at how tired he seemed to look.
    ‘Did you even go home?’ Lucian asked.
    ‘I didn’t, I will go back tonight. It’s not like I have anyone to return to.’
    ‘You should be the one getting married and not me.’
    ‘You are the one getting into trouble and it’s been long since your divorce too brother. Just understand them this once okay.’
    ‘I will, they used Jewel and I don’t have a choice now.’
    ‘So who will you marry?’
    ‘I have to think about it.’
    ‘What about that Isobel?’
    ‘I would rather have my position taken away than marry her. She isn’t good at all. She is so selfish I wouldn’t place her in my house.’
    ‘Then who exactly will you marry when all the women want is your money?’
    ‘I think I have a candidate,’ he said suddenly with a smile showing at the corner of his mouth.
    ‘And who is this girl?’
    ‘There is someone I need to teach a lesson.’
    ‘And by marrying her will she learn her lesson?’
    ‘I doubt but I can put my mind at ease.’
    ‘I hope to see her soon.’
    ‘I will show her to you. Now I have a bride to blackmail,’ he said and excused himself.
    Where would that girl be now?
    Aurora was anxious, that fool hadn’t come back ever since that night and she was going crazy. She needed to do something in order to forget what she was going through. She found herself a part time job to keep herself busy. She had money but it was good to work too. Tired from her shift she clocked out and began to walk back home. It was an exercise. Her apartment was just a few blocks away. She was nearly at her apartment when a black car stopped by her side and she stopped too. Who was this daring?
    The window opened and the devil himself was staring at her. She knew what he wanted so she opened the door and get inside.
    ‘I thought you will never show up,’ she said.
    ‘I didn’t want to but I have no choice now. Where are you coming from?’
    ‘I was seeing my boyfriend, why?’
    ‘Since when do you have a boyfriend?’
    ‘I’m shocked that you can ask such a question. I’m young and not married so of course its normal for me to have one.’
    ‘That was so soon.’
    ‘Didn’t you brutally reject me?’
    ‘Weren’t you also the same person who told me that your door will be open?’
    ‘That was then and this is now. So what do you want from me?’
    ‘Let’s get settled first and then we can talk,’ he said.
    Aurora was taken somewhere again and yet all she wanted to do was just sit down and relax.
    They returned to that house where it all started again. She was now familiar with it. She looked for something to eat without any permission. She found some apples and she picked one and began to eat. Lucian just looked at her and shook his head.
    ‘You must be hungry.’
    ‘I am, I sort of overworked myself,’ she said.
    ‘Is that so?’
    ‘I won’t spare you the details. So spill, why are we here again?’
    ‘I want you to marry me,’ Lucian told her straightforward.
    Aurora choked on her apple and Lucian helped her by patting her on her back. When she was feeling okay she looked at him.
    ‘Are you kidding me right now? I’m not in the mood to play with you today Lucian.’
    ‘Neither am I.’
    ‘I thought you didn’t want anything from me.’
    ‘Now I do. I want you to become my wife.’
    ‘And if I refuse?’
    ‘Then I will call the police and tell them how a young girl like you keeps a gun in her apartment. I guess it’s not even registered and it may be related to a few crimes too.’
    ‘You wouldn’t dare.’
    ‘I’m a business man Aurora; I can do anything that will benefit me. So choose which way you want it to end,’ he threatened her and she felt powerless for the first time.
    How did he even find that gun? She hid it so well and yet he saw it. If that gun got released to the force then it would all end. He looked very serious and judging by the way he hates her he wouldn’t hesitate to send her to jail. On the other hand if she marries him then she would get the man she wanted and get more steps closer to her original goal. It was a win situation for her and something she shouldn’t decline. What she came here for was all that matters.