• scaredycat 5w

    Why bother

    It doesn't matter if I
    Don't show
    Or I go
    If I know
    Or I don't know
    If I say no
    Or say yes
    Wear a dress
    Or digress
    If I dress head to toe in all black
    Or talk back
    If I scream
    Or sleep all day to dream
    If I wear a pretty skirt
    Or a torn up shirt
    Or really tight pants
    Or if I just don't wear any pants
    If I sing so loud I hurt my throat
    Or hummmm....
    real soft so I don't.
    It won't change a G*d Damn thing
    If I smile real nice and say hi
    Or wave goodbye
    Or if I ask
    who, what, when,where, how
    and why
    Its never ever mattered,
    if I got hurt and cried
    If I lied
    If I Worked really fucking hard and give it my best try
    And I've never believed
    For a second
    It would ever make a difference
    if I disappeared one day
    Or perhaps,
    If I died.
    She probably wouldn't even so much as bat an eye
    She'd just revel in the attention,
    Sit back, relax and between puffs of her cigarette,
    Let out a big sigh,
    I can hear her saying
    "Pity me, poor me, woe is me..."
    My child,
    my little girl,
    my disappointment,
    my burden,
    my scapegoat,
    my failure,
    my bitch of a so called daughter,
    I wish she would come back to life
    so I could of killed her myself!
    and made sure
    she's fucking fried!...."