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    An extrovert doesn't like to make a conversation by typing for too long. They either start sending voice records or call the person to continue the conversation.
    An introvert makes different excuses to not talk on a phone call. They feel thankful for the technology (text message) that provided a system where you can communicate everything without uttering a word.

    For extroverts spending a holiday means going out on a road trip or partying with friends. They can't just sit home and spend the whole day alone at home.

    For introverts enjoying a holiday means staying at home, eating their favorite dishes, watching good web series, and reading their favorite novels.

    Extroverts are good at suggestions. They can effectively help you to deal with every day's dilemma.

    Introverts are good listeners and secret keepers. They will peacefully listen to your feelings and sentiments and hide everything inside them.

    Both extroverts and introverts are good at their place. If someone is happy being the way they are then it hardly matters whether the person is an extrovert or an introvert.