• kigero 5w

    Eater of my soul

    Pull me in take a bite
    I promise I won’t fight
    Is the taste to your delight?
    Tell me does your mouth burn
    As you devour my passion in the dead of night?
    Do you taste the love that to me feels so right?
    Tell me is it sweet bitter sour or just right

    As I relinquish all control to you
    Does it scare you to know that every part of my body craves you?
    You like pain I like the sight of my own blood

    Would you mind digging your nails into me and ripping me apart
    Just so that I can regenerate recuperate and have you tear me limb from limb right from the start?

    The sound of your voice takes me higher than any drug ever has
    The sound of your laugh is the sweetest of sweet treats

    As I am lost in thought of you the animal inside me speaks
    Would you tease me with a thousand cuts and watch me lick my wounds like an animal to scared to flee?

    As I drown in the euphoria of your presence I beg you to take another bite and set me free

    I bury this part of me usually
    Because im afraid of what you might think if you know
    I’m a twisted little fuck and I want to get psycho with you

    Would you run if I ask you to devour me to your hearts contempt?

    Would you run if you knew even if it kills me I would die without regrets?