• craigswilson 20w


    Is what is locked up inside of my heart, and I have to find a way to bring it up to the surface; the beauty is the motivation for all my pursuits, yeah for all of the searchs.
    It has never been a contest, nor a competition; I am stressed to express this beauty here in this composition.
    It lives here with me and it never leaves;
    it is like an endless well of joy that I continually receives. Even though outter Force's has always attempted to convince me that what I have inside of me is not real; I can not suppress it, nor can II ever allow it to conceal.
    Negative Force's can't touch it, hater's they can't even come near it;
    they separate themselves from me, I have learned that it is because they fear it!
    I have learned to just be who I am, and allow my gifts to blossom; to awaken from a state of playing possum.
    To come into full bloom; to fill the whole world like an ointment that fills the room.
    To do what God made it to do; to lift others up and show them to the truth.
    To tell them that if you are down that it is because you are meant to come up; you were never meant to stay down so hold up your cup.
    It is time for it to be filled; the power that you have inside you no longer have to conceal. Those who have ruled over you in cruelty, they do you a great disservice; you will find that they would better serve as one of your servents, yeah so don't get nervous. Consider the possibility and think it not so strange;
    Arrise from the ashes and prepare yourself for the change! Let your inner beauty out; rejoice, scream and shout!