• myersh 5w

    Seven Colours Melody

    Work Under Progress:

    Bring me buckets of seven colors each,
    I'll draw you similes to the life I breathe,

    I have red, orange, yellow, green,
    blue, indigo and voilet: the other three.

    I knock on the rusty doors of my imagination,
    and I let my emotions spurt out free.

    An image begins to appear out of blur,
    It takes a minute to resusticate a certain memory.

    It's about the early days of autumnal equinox,
    when I first came across this tender scenery.

    I pick from the bucket red, yellow and green,
    and paint a picture resembling that of autumn spree.

    You were an embodiment of the seven colors of nature,
    Blue,yellow and green: eyes that reflect all three.

    To be continued...