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    Fade to Black chapter 9


       I turned around to talk to Winston and when I did there she was. "What are you doing here" I ask as I walked closer to her. "I could ask the same thing about you* said Kaitlyn with a smart tone. I'm Winston's new roommate. How do you know Winston." "Remember that friend I got the tattoo with that was my best friend Winston." Winston was just as shocked as we were. " Wait you know each other," Winston said. "Oh yeah she was the girl I told you who had invited us to the party."

     Oh and this is the asshole who never told me he's was my best friend new roommate and my best friend match maker student." "Kat. I didn't know you and Winston were best friends. He never told me he knew you and neither did you tell me you knew Winston." Winston jump out of his bed. Before anyone of you storm out the door and think everything that happened yesterday was fake just listen. I'm sorry that I didn't tell you who was the boy I was trying to set you up with. Marcus I'm sorry I didn't tell you who was Kaitlyn. I kept saying best friend but never actually told you who she was but, think about I never had the chance to introduce you to each other. You found each other on your on."

     I guess Kaitlyn was still piss because she walked right out the door not trying to hear anything. After she left I quickly looked at Winston. "We are going to talk later," I said before I ran out the door. Kaitlyn must have just been walking out the door of the boys dorm rooms. I had just gotten down the stairs. "KAITLYN, WAIT," I shouted as I ran hoping she would hear me!" I bust threw the door hoping to find her while hundreds of kids passed me up going to their destination. There she was, underneath a tree. As I walked towards up she quickly got up and about to walk away. "KAITLYN, wait" I said! She stopped and looked at me with her arms folded. "Why are you mad at me. What did I do." You sat there and didn't tell me you knew Winston" she replied. "HOW WAS I'M SUPPOSED TO KNOW YOU KNOW WINSTON," I shouted not knowing why!

     "He set me up with you the whole time and I  told him I'm not interested in you not knowing his new roommate was you and, the big deal was I though I was happy spending time with you but, that was a lie." "I'm sorry. You got to believe me. I didn't mean for this to happen to you but, I'm happy I meant you by myself and not through Winston." Her face expression told me I only had around ten seconds left to talk. "We met each other by ourselves. Don't you get it. This between us is all real." Her eyes could tell me that she wasn't ready for this between us to continue. "I'm just not ready after hearing knowing what I know" she said as she walked away.

      Day's passed by faster than ever. I see her in our English Language and Literature class and Business and Government Political Science. I would look at her most of the time instead of worrying about school and just thank about the party then the diner then the night at the rock then rapping to Kendrick Lamar. We each glance at each one or twice when the other wasn't aware we were looking. Winston and Calvin been out more. They would go to party's while I stayed back. I'll tell him to see if he see Kat. After about an month of college I started to think maybe this was meant to be. I wasn't going to let a fling get in the way of me enjoy college.

     A few days later after leaving Business class something magical weirdest thing happened. I was just walking to leave for the cafeteria to grab a quick bite eat. When I got to the door to leave it just push forward and smack me right in face. "I'm so sorry. I didn't know you were behind the door. Please do me a favor. Don't let your nose be broken." I felt a hand touch my chest. When I opened my eyes there stood the most beautiful girl. She was beautiful at most just like Kaitlyn. Since she was so close to my face the only things I could say was she had long blonde curly hair with grey eyes and her lipstick smelled like rose's. "I'm so sorry. If I would have known you was there I would be in such a rush. I was in a hurry trying to get to class." I looked around and realised that kids were leaving and some other kids were coming in." I'm so sorry again. My names Allison  Peterson," she said with a big smile. I got up and looked around to clear my head. "My name is Marcus Cain. I'm just going to the cafeteria to get something to eat. After I'm done I will be by the huge tree on the big field outside. Come see me and tell me how much times you hurt people accidentally." "Sure I'll be there" she said with excitement in her eyes. Then I walked out the door.