• acclaim_stories 6w

    I've got blurred visions
    of the places I have been.
    with you.
    We were the soul of that place.
    without us, the place looked empty.
    We were sitting on the stairs holding hands,
    carving our names with the ink of our love.
    I remember.
    Do you?
    Do you remember the rain under which we shared moments?
    Do you remember when we used to share our appetite?
    Do you remember me blushing and hiding my face in your chest?
    Because you told me that you can't take your eyes off me.
    I cherish those moments every time I think of you.
    Now, you are asking me to move away?
    Am I not capable enough to take care of you?
    Am I not capable enough to love you?
    Am I not that person with whom you can share life?
    Am I not the one whom you can think of as your wife?
    Is it so, love?
    Is this the end?
    Or the end of a new beginning?
    Then let me stay with you in my imagination,
    in this melancholy dream.
    where both of our souls meet.
    and become one.

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